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A chatbot is a computer program that simulates a conversation with a human.

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Conversational agent

A conversational agent can help your company improve its customer service, and get more leads.

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A discussion bot is easy to create through a chatbot development agency.

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Our goal is to inform you about the news related to the world of chatbots. We keep abreast of developments in this sector, which is currently being disrupted by technological advances in artificial intelligence.

Chatbot Tech

History of chatbots

The first recorded use of a chatbot-like program dates back to 1966 when MIT Professor Joseph Weizenbaum created ELIZA. ELIZA simulated conversation by using a script of predetermined rules that were based on keywords in the input. ELIZA was developed as a way to demonstrate how computers can mimic human conversation.

In the early 2000s, chatbots began to gain popularity on instant messaging platforms such as AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and MSN Messenger.

These chatbots were used to respond to simple requests such as “What time is it?” or “What’s the weather like?” In 2011, Apple unveiled its virtual assistant, Siri, which was capable of understanding natural language and responding to voice commands.

Google followed suit by introducing Google Now in 2012. Both of these services have become increasingly sophisticated in their ability to understand and respond to user queries. More recently, chatbots have been developed for a variety of purposes, from customer service to online shopping and online banking.

These chatbots are designed to provide a more human-like experience for users and to automate certain tasks. In addition, chatbots are now being used for marketing, lead generation, and customer feedback.

Use of chatbots to get more qualified leads

Chatbots can be used to help qualify leads by engaging with prospects and asking questions to help determine if they are the right fit for a product or service.

Some chatbot applications are even able to provide detailed information about the customer, such as their industry, location, and company size. By using chatbots to filter out unqualified leads, businesses can save time and resources while focusing their efforts on those leads that are more likely to convert.

Additionally, chatbots like Botnation’s chatbots can be used to follow up with leads, answer questions, and provide additional information to help nurture potential customers.

Chatbots can help you easily gather more information about your prospects. This can help you in making more qualified leads and make your sales process more efficient.


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